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Tom Riddle St Germaine

Age: 8

Tom M. R. St Germaine
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I was in an orphanage, because my mum died, but then I came to the Nexus and got adopted. Leela is my Mum now, and she loves me, and I love her.

Some people think I'm supposed to grow up evil and hurt people. But I won't.
I'm going to always protect Leela-mum and my friends, and snakes.
I like snakes.

((7/24/07: A note upon finishing Book 7, and in preparation of an influx of Potter pups into the Nexus:

This pup started out as an experiment, before Book 6 came out, sort of a 'let's see whether the other HP pups running around would rather try to redeem their future nemesis or kill him off before he's trouble!'. Then he started forming relationships with other characters, particularly Leela, and it made sense for him to lose a lot of the creepier, more damaged aspects and start behaving like a normal child. While he's not really as well-adjusted as he may seem at first, he's unlikely to develop into the horcrux-making, Avada-Kedavra-spewing lunatic of the book series. It's been an interesting ride, and I hope to continue his development.))
books, candy, coloring, food, leela-mum, magic, my friend matthew, my friend thorn, my friend tonks, peppermint, snakes, the stars, the woods